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Birthday Cakes!

"Leave the baking to me for any of your upcoming birthday celebrations! Choose from all your favorite flavors and let me create something fabulous for your special day!"          --Jamie

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cakes
Available in the following:
CLASSIC flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Orange Cream, Strawberry,  Spice, and Lemon Chiffon
Deluxe flavors: Carrot, Coconut, anything with candy bars or cookies, custom fillings & toppings.
**Vanilla buttercream is standard on ALL cakes.  Cream Cheese & Chocolate Buttercream get an upcharge fee based on cake size.**
Available in 2 sizes:
  • 6 " Rounds,

Prices starting at:

2-layer: $65   Approx. 8 servings.*

3-layer: $75  Approx. 12 servings.*

  • 8" Rounds, starting at:

2-layer: $105  Approx. 15 servings.*

3-layer: $125  Approx. 24 servings.*

(Pricing based on décor, flavor, add-on's, etc...A 10 " cake is available for pricing.)

**Serving quantities depend on how large you cut the cake. I've guesstimated to give you an idea of the cake size.*

Fru fru .jpg

3-Layer, 8" round in Devil's Food with chocolate ganache, and all the girlie touches!
As shown:  $145

2-Layer, 6" round in Vanilla with buttercream.
As shown: $65

2-layer, 6" in vanilla

2-Layer, 6" round in Vanilla buttercream.
As shown: $60

3-layer, 6" rounds vanilla with chocolate drip, cherries and candies

3-Layer, 6" round in Vanilla with chocolate drip, candies, cookies, and cherries.
As shown: $85

3-layer, 8" round in chocolate with blackberries

3-Layer, 8" rounds in Devil's Food with blackberry compote between the layers, blackberry wine infused buttercream, and fresh sugar-crusted blackberries.
As shown:  $145 (Completely custom order.)

2-Layer, 8" round in Vanilla with chocolate drip, candies, cookies, and strawberries.   
As shown: $115

3-Layer, 8" round Coconut Cream cake with vanilla buttercream, shredded coconut, and blingy cherries.
As shown: $140

3-layer, 6" round Strawberry Cake with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam between the layers. Topped with fresh fruit and fun sprinkles.
As shown: $85

Carrot Cake Deluxe
3-layers, 8" rounds of spiced carrot cake, complete with cream cheese frosting, and tons of toasted pecans. Finished off with quirky buttercream carrots, candles, and cake topper.
As shown:  $145


2-layers, 8" rounds in strawberry with jam & buttercream between the layers! Finished off with vanilla buttercream ridges, and decked out in fresh strawberries, sparkling blueberries and sugar pearls! Happy Birthday indeed!
As shown:  $115


2-layers, 8" rounds in CHOCOLATE, with a custom filling, covered in vanilla buttercream, a chocolate drip, cherries, cookies, chocolate curls and sprinkles!! Candles not needed, they are there!! 
As shown: $115

3-Layer, 6" round Carrot Cake with vanilla buttercream, and
quirky buttercream carrots and sugar pearls.
As shown: $85

2-layer, 8" round Vanilla Cake with tons of fresh berries. Between the layers are slices of fresh strawberries and sprinkling of blueberries and raspberries. Finished off with tiny sugar pearls, this cake is fabulous!
As shown: $95

Blueberry Dream Cake
3-layers, 6" rounds of lemon cake, with homemade blueberry filling and vanilla buttercream between the layers. Topped with a crown of fresh blueberries all kissed with fairy dust, and decorated with clusters of blueberries around the sides. This cake is magical!
As shown: $85


2-layers, 6" rounds in vanilla with vanilla buttercream and pretty sugar pearls! Available in all flavors! Small but full of birthday cheer!
As shown: $60

2-layers, 8" rounds of GLUTEN-FREE vanilla cake, covered in vanilla buttercream, a chocolate drip, chocolate candy, fresh strawberries and sprinkles!! Whoo hoo!!
As shown: $130


3-layers, 6" rounds in vanilla, with vanilla buttercream and birthday sprinkles. Candles included!!
As shown:  $ 75


3-layers, 6" rounds in vanilla with vanilla buttercream. Decked out in pearls and swirls, perfect for any birthday! 
As shown: $75

3-layers in 10" rounds. Chocolate, on chocolate, with a chocolate drip and tons of fresh fruit. This is a BIG cake!
As shown: $175

3-layers in 8" rounds just screams MERRY CHRISTMAS! This beauty is RED VELVET inside, topped with vanilla buttercream and a fabulous white chocolate drip.
As shown: $145

3-layers in 6" rounds, all in STRAWBERRY! Complete with a homemade strawberry jam fillings and vanilla buttercream. Accented with swirls, pearls, and macrons!
As shown:  $85


Happy Birthday, America! This 3-layer cake in 8" rounds speaks to our patriotic spirit!  Decked out in vanilla buttercream with a chocolate drip, swirls, fruit and candy, what's not to celebrate?
As shown: $145

**I only work in round cakes. I do not do sheet cakes, novelty cakes, square cakes or rectangles.**

Scroll through photos below to see size comparisons of 5", 6", and 8" layer cakes.

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