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Celebrate those
Special Occasions!

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or some other reason to get together with friends and family, these simple and custom cupcakes will make it a truly SPECIAL occasion.


"Due to demand and limited time in the day, I have implemented a minimum order requirement of 4 dozen cupcakes. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience!"


Cupcake Foils


Your guests will be thrilled when they take a bite of these Simple designed cupcakes. 

Classic flavors never go out of style, and a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream is simply perfect for any occasion. Or chocolate. Or strawberry...

Starting at $30 per dozen. 4 dozen minimum order.


Be sure your next Special Event makes an impression on your guests by ordering Deluxe Cupcakes! 

Sold by the dozen, with prices starting at $38.

**Four dozen cupcake minimum order.**

Let's create something amazing!

The flavor combinations are endless, so tell me what you have in mind!

Pink Sugar
Birthday Cakes
Available in 3 sizes:
5" Rounds, starting at:

2-layer: $40  Serves 4 to 6 people.*

3-layer: $55   Serves 8 to 10 people.*

6 " Rounds, starting at:

2-layer: $50   Serves 10 to 12 people.*

3-layer: $65   Serves 12 to 15 people.*

8" Rounds, starting at:

2-layer: $75  Serves 15 to 18 people.*

3-layer: $90  Serves 22 to 24 people.*

*Serving quantities depend on how large you cut the cake. The serving amounts shown are approximates.  I will provide a guide that shows the proper way to cut a tiered layer cake to get the most servings without wasting cake. *

3-layer, 6" rounds vanilla with chocolate drip, cherries and candies
2-layer, 6" in vanilla
3-layer, 8" round in chocolate with blackberries

3-Layer, 6" round in Vanilla with chocolate drip, candies, cookies, and cherries. As shown: $75

3-Layer, 8" round Coconut Cream cake with vanilla buttercream, shredded coconut, and blingy cherries. As shown: $100

2-Layer, 8" round in Vanilla with chocolate drip, candies, cookies, and strawberries.    As shown: $85

2-Layer, 6" round in Vanilla with buttercream.
As shown: $50

2-Layer, 5" round in Vanilla with buttercream.
As shown: $40

3-Layer, 8" rounds in Devil's Food with blackberry compote between the layers, blackberry wine infused buttercream, and fresh sugar-crusted blackberries.
As shown:  $95

2-Layer, 5" round in Vanilla buttercream.
As shown: $40

**I only work in small, round cakes. I do not do sheet cakes, novelty cakes, square cakes or rectangles.**

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